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On May 16, 2018, FoCon Events was invited to participate in an Event Planner Mixer.  The networking event was held at the Voila Creative Studio in Los Angeles, CA.  We were asked to provide our Slow Motion Booth on the main floor of the event and our GIF Booth in the upstairs VIP section.

From what we were told, this venue has been around for a few years, but only recently has been seeking to hold events on a regular basis.  Brown Paper LA, a Los Angeles based catering company, provided the catering for the event.  The catering consisted of a delicious selection of appetizers and desserts.

While partaking of the delicious food, we enjoyed the sounds of Hedgehog Swing, a critically-acclaimed Gypsy Jazz Quartet from Long Beach, CA. They played live throughout the night and were fun to speak with.  They were definitely a talented group.

Alison, owner of La Petite Gardenia, also helped set the atmosphere with a beautiful display of floral arrangements set up throughout the venue.  She enjoyed the use of the Slow Motion Booth and was a pleasure to speak with.  Originally from New York, she brought her talents to Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back.

Iveth and Vincent of LA Speakeasy, a Los Angeles based bartending and mixology team, kept the booze flowing all night! They provided a selection of their signature cocktails that made them the most sought-after vendor at the event.  We had the pleasure of having our Slow Motion Booth set up right next to them and we chatted all night.

We had the pleasure of meeting various event planners, such as Wendi Mirabella of Moon Dance Events & Entertainment, Inc., a global full-service event management and production company.  She didn’t want to try out our Slow Motion Booth but she was definitely impressed by the fun and interactive experience we were providing.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this event mixer and hope to be invited to future events.

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-Don Isaac