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Be it for family occasions or office events, everyone is silently looking forward to the photo booth. But as much as this is ubiquitous to most gatherings, there’s one unique option that gives everyone a blast. Slow motion booth rental in Los Angeles is booming as it’s a fun, creative, and one-of-a-kind experience to guests. Imagine those wacky antics solidified in a slow-motion setting. It will give the guests something to cherish after the day – be it the silly poses or the funny facial expressions.

But as much as the experience is a blast, how could you assure that the guests will enjoy it every time? Is a nice camera enough? Here are some simple hacks to perfect the amusing slow motion experience:

1. Silly costumes, please!

Goofy guests and silly costumes are the perfect mixes for slow motion booth rental in Los Angeles. Put out those Mickey Mouse headbands, Peter Pan hats, beanies, large shades, and angel wings. You can modify the costumes and apparatus based on the theme of the event. What’s important is that the guests will find it funny to wear. The wackier it is the better.

2. The higher frame rate, the better

The key to producing a high-quality slow-motion video is to set the camera with a higher frame rate. A photo booth rental in Los Angeles can handle this part if you want a seamless experience. Make sure that the camera is fixed on a tripod and the guests won’t knock it over. You can shot at 60 frames per second then edit it to play at 24 frames.

3. Assign a cheerleader

The slow-motion video won’t be goofy without someone starting the fun. It’s best to have the goofiest person standing by the booth to cheer every group that will try the slow motion booth. That person can also list down video ideas in case the guests can’t come up with anything. Start by encouraging the guests to pick up the props, throw the confetti, or to make funny expressions.

4. Plan the whole thing

No matter how candid the videos are, it should be planned ahead. The equipment should always be ready to capture the moments. Suggest ideas to the guests and what props suit them and what will look good on the video. Still, make everything go naturally.

5. Confetti is worth it

If you’ve seen a slow-motion video before, you’ll probably notice one thing: confetti. This part is messy but it’s worth every second. It literally adds color to the video and more elements aside from the guests involved. Plan how you will sweep the confetti after every session to limit the chaos and to ensure that the props are ready to go.

Slow motion booth rental in Los Angeles will up the ante of your events. However, it’s important to ensure that the experience of the guests will also be for the books. The combination of proper equipment, unique props, and perky personalities would be perfect.